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About Andepol

We proudly carry family heritage in dental practice since 1977 in Antalya, Turkey.

Andepol’s heritage in dental practice started with DDS Arif ULUSOY, one of the most respected names in Antalya, Turkey in his profession. He started his practice in dentistry in 1977 and worked at Antalya National Hospital between the years of 1979-1990. He was one of the founders of the most respected dental hospitals in Antalya, Turkey. Dr. Ulusoy continued his practice as Vice Head Doctor at Antalya Education and Research Hospital between the years 1990-2012 and his contributions to Medicine of Dentistry are well recognized and respected in Turkey.

His son DDS PhD. Spc. Kıvanç ULUSOY has followed in his steps and with his wife DDS PhD. Spc. Yasemin ULUSOY they have been taking forward the family heritage in their clinic in Lara, Antalya since 2007.

Throughout all these years the Ulusoy Family has educated many students and shared their passion and knowledge with many of your Dental practitioners. Both their knowledge and passion for advancement in dental science and practices, and the vast experience of the family of Andepol whom are all passionate professionals has resulted in the trust and love of their patients.

To be able to share all the knowledge, passion and respect with advancement in oral health, in 2021 they invested in a state of the art new dental polyclinic in Antalya where they will be serving their patients with their ever growing family of dental practice professionals.

Andepol’s new clinical environment and professional team is built on innovation and excellence in research, academical work and practice over many years. With an academic team that has been contributing to dental and oral health literature; state of the art polyclinic in the heart of one of most beautiful Mediterranean city Antalya; partners and team members whom all share the same passion to be the pioneers of their profession in their field, Andepol aims to be a “patients’ wellbeing first” oriented dental health clinic.

Antalya Dental Polyclinic’s biggest strength and satisfaction is what patients think of the dental treatments they receive from Andepol. With 45 years of experience and contribution to dental practice in Antalya, Turkey; Andepol is proud to carry the family heritage of putting human health and wellbeing first with preventive and holistic approach to dental science and looking forward to welcome all its old and new patients at its new state of the art clinic in Antalya.