<strong>Get Closer to Your Natural Smile via All on 4/6</strong> icon Get Closer to Your Natural Smile via All on 4/6

<strong>Get Closer to Your Natural Smile via All on 4/6</strong>

Get Closer to Your Natural via All on 4/6

implants have used with conventional prosthetic dentures for decades in order to treat full teeth loss. With the quality of material in mind, new techniques and technologies put comfort and maximum gingival practice on the top of priorities. All on 4/6 treatments are now more commonly uttered by dentists rather than conventional prosthetic dentures. The expertise of Andepol refreshes your via these techniques of All on 4 or All on 6.

Conventional Denture or All on 4/6

Conventional “implant retained over dentures” are used via fixing the dentures over implants temporarily. Yet, implant retained over dentures are still removable while creating the problem of daily cleaning and care problems, especially for elderly ones. These time-consuming and hygiene-requiring treatments are now replaced by much more practical techniques including “All on 6” and “All on 4” treatments. In contrast to conventional “implant retained over dentures” the prosthesis of All on 4/6 are permanently installed on the implant to maximize the convenience of safe eating, chewing, and smiling. Thus, it is not possible to remove the prosthesis daily. The main distinction between conventional denture and All on 4/6 technique is that former is collapsible while the latter is rigid. Our clients express that sense as ¨the same feeling of biting with your natural teeth¨ after implementation of All on 4/6.

All on 4 to Combat Heavy Teeth Loss

implants are usually applied when there is partial or one single tooth loss. Sometimes, implants need bone grafts before implanting to strengthen and stabilize the bone mass, just like natural root functions; because aging or advanced deformation may cause deterioration in jawbone structure and even heavy loss in bone density.

On the other hand, our guests without any teeth may seek more permanent treatments done at once. At that point, All on 4/6 treatment will help you regain your biting and chewing actions although you have deterioration in your jawbone.

Both All on 6 and All on 4 operations are suitable for the mouth with full teeth loss as they are installed to complete the arch. Unlike conventional implants, the All on 4/6 techniques does not require any bone grafts to strengthen the bone itself.

Adopt Your Natural Smile with All on 4 / 6

All on 4 and All on 6 can be suggested by Andepol specialists as an implant attached denture to sustain the beauty of your teeth alignment. By replacing missing teeth in a full form, these techniques complete your arch with permanent teeth like your original ones. Both techniques are based on to stabilize the positioning of the permanent dentures on your jaw. As the name offers the meaning, All on 4 includes 4 implants and All on 6 has the same number of implants to perform the technique. You should notice that these implants are necessary to bear the denture for all teeth on the jaw.

Our international guests usually ask the question ¨ Which technique is better for me? ¨ The answer is revealed by highly informative diagnosis procedures at our dental clinic in Antalya. Before deciding on the operation type, radiographic assessment, and CT scan are performed by our expert dentists. Diagnosis procedures will show bone mass and the level of loss, and any other pre-operative interventions that are needed.

In addition, All on 4-6 treatment come along with some advantages. With this technique, some anatomical issues can be avoided. With tooth extraction in the upper jaw, the sinus cavity begins to expand and there may not be enough bone for implant application in this case sinus lifting should be applied.In the lower jaw, because of osteoclasis caused by tooth extraction, there may not be enough bone close to inferior alveolar nerve and as a result of this vertical bone augmentation must be applied.

These treatments are both expensive and time-consuming. All on 4-6 treatment is more suggested option because it is more affordable and faster.

All on 4 gives a better result on the upper jaw. All on 6 treatment, on the other hand, is commonly suggested for the lower jawbone. Patients with lower bone density are also urged to prioritize All on 6 treatment.

Full Care for Long-Lasting Solutions

care is crucial for the longevity of All on 4/6. Before and after the treatment, the mouth cavity should be purged from bacteria and infections. To load permanent dentures, our patients will need a specific time for the recovery of the gum. It takes usually between 8-12 weeks on the progress of the bone and acceptance of the implant. The operation of All on 4/6 lasts approximately two hours with anaesthetic intervention at the beginning. Diagnosis, treatment, and checks usually take two days with two-three clinical visits. Even for our international guests, Andepol team will schedule your visitation within the shortest period.

Optimize Your Choice with Andepol

The optimum result of All on 4/6 treatments is obtained by the convenient prosthesis. Most of our guests are curious about how to select the highest quality prosthesis. Both acrylic and zirconium teeth are being used in All on 4 and All on 6 procedures. The synthetic composition of acrylic prosthesis makes them more preferable for temporary dentures. As they are lighter, they do not apply pressure on the recently implanted area. Temporarily given acrylic dentures are changed with permanent prosthesis produced with durable material after a period of healing interval. Due to the advantages of more resistant composition, no discoloring or staining effect and natural appearance zirconium dentures come forth. Similar to ceramic teeth, zirconium dentures become the right choice for permanent over-dentures. Our expert dentists will inform you of all pros and cons of possible denture types as soon as you decide to get your All on 4/6 operation in Turkey.

Never lose time to have a longer-lasting and safer smile, visit Andepol Antalya.