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Crowns (Full Veneers)

A Cosmetic Treatment Miracle at Andepol: Crowns (Full Veneers)

Our teeth may lose their former shine over time. However, thanks to the developing technological possibilities, you can regain the bright appearance of your teeth. At Andepol, we clinically help you achieve beautiful and vibrant teeth by applying veneer crown treatment. We use modern technologies in veneer crowns treatments that we apply in our clinic. When you become our guest for veneers in Turkey treatment, our goal is to apply the most suitable treatment methods for you and to return you home with a happy smile. We complete your treatment as soon as possible by using high-quality and durable materials. You can notice that your quality of life and self-confidence will increase after the treatment.

What is Crown? Who is Eligible for Veneer Crowns Treatment?

The crown is a material made in the form of a cap to cover the teeth. It embraces the teeth entirely. Crowns are rather preferred in aesthetic treatments. On the other side, laminate veneers are fine custom-made aesthetic prostheses made of tooth-coloured products designed to cover up the front of the teeth. Laminate veneer prosthesis is a preferred method for the stained, worn or crooked tooth and restores the tooth’s former function.

At Andepol, we provide a new smile design for your teeth with both laminate veneers and veneer crowns treatment, which is suitable for all ages over the age of 18. We help you regain your oral and health through these treatments applying with modern devices. In addition, prices in Turkey are lower than in Europe and the UK. This is another advantage for you. We can list the problems that veneer crowns treatment can be appropriate as follows:

  • If your teeth are cracked, broken and weakened
  • If you need filling
  • If you had root canal treatment (Crowns protects your treated teeth better)
  • If your teeth are discolored
  • If your teeth are deformed

How Does Veneer Crowns Treatment Applied?

Veneer crown care is one of the most common treatment strategies for cosmetic dentistry. It is enough to attend only 2 or 3 appointments for this treatment that we apply with modern devices in Andepol. Our main goal is to ensure that our guests from abroad are treated in a comfortable environment and return to their homes without any problems.

The veneer crowns process applied in our clinic serving at international standards are as follows:

  • A serious preparation process is applied by expert dentists. Also, we apply local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain during the treatment.
  • We carefully measure the teeth to be coated.
  • Immediately after your teeth are minimized, we prepare your temporary teeth. We stick your temporary teeth without getting up from your seat.
  • We ensure that quality and durable tooth coatings are designed from the material you prefer for the crown treatment.
  • In order not to wait too long for our guests coming from abroad, we guarantee the veneer crowns to be built within 3-5 days.
  • We temporarily stick your real tooth coming from the laboratory at the 2nd appointment. The reason why it is not permanently attached is to be able to intervene quickly when there is any problem.
  • If there is no problem in terms of getting used to it, we may stick it permanently without need of extra appointment. As a result, we provide you a Hollywood smile with the privilege of Andepol.

Occasionally teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown and bridgework treatment that may result in the need for root canal treatment afterwards. In such cases, Andepol cannot be liable for any unforeseeable or unpredictable situation.

How Does Care Be Made After Veneer Crowns Treatment?

After veneer crown treatment, it is sufficient to have your veneers checked by a dentist once in 6 months like your natural teeth. You should also brush your teeth regularly and get into the habit of flossing. Designed in reliable laboratories and applied carefully by Andepol specialists, the lifespan of veneer crowns is approximately 10-15 years. However, if you regularly care for your teeth and take care not to break hard scratches with your teeth, this period may be longer.

Which Materials Are Used in The Treatment of Veneer Crowns?

Three different materials are used as Zirconium, Metal Fused Ceramic Crown, and Glass Ceramic Crown. These materials can be easily preferred for front and back teeth. When you visit our Andepol clinic, your tooth will be examined by an expert prosthodontist. After the examination, you can decide with your doctor which material the veneers crowns will be made of.

The benefits and disadvantages of these three materials can be explained as follows:

1. Glass Ceramic Crown:

This crown, made entirely of porcelain material, is the most popular coating treatments today. Due to their light transmission properties, these crowns have a rich depth and vitality, blending perfectly with your natural teeth.

  • Advantages:

– It is one of the most suitable options for anterior teeth.

– Provides the most natural and aesthetic look.

– Most translucent option so resemble the natural teeth precisely.

  • Disadvantages:

– It is generally more costly than other crown types

2. Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium is a new material that combines the aesthetics of porcelain crowns and the durability of metal. Recently, layered zirconia crowns and high translucent zirconia crowns have become very popular.

  • Advantages:

– It provides an aesthetically perfect appearance.

– It is very durable and long-lasting. Also, they are less likely to crumble or break.

– These are biocompatible as they cannot see metal. Therefore, they never cause allergic reactions.

  • Disadvantage:

– They are more expensive than Metal Fused Ceramic Crowns and less translucent than glass ceramic crowns.

3. Metal Fused Ceramic Crown:

Metal Fused Ceramic Crown is old style implementation. This crown type is very durable due to its metal under structure. Besides, due to its ceramic, it gives an aesthetic look.

  • Advantages:

– Since it is an old treatment method, it is a highly developed and cheaper treatment method.

– It is the most durable crown type.

  • Disadvantages:

– People who tend to clench their teeth a lot can damage the crown.

– A gray streak may occur on the gums due to the metal material found on these crowns.

How to Solve Possible Problems after Veneer Crowns?

Veneer crowns are a long-lasting treatment method applied in the field of aesthetic dentistry to solve many problems such as broken teeth, sensitivity and infections. Generally, you will not have any problem after tooth coating procedures in our Andepol. However, some problems such as crown breakage and disturbance of the coating area may be experienced in some exceptional cases. In such a case, when you visit our clinic, we can solve your tooth coating problem. The crowns can be break and can be replaced in the mouth occasionally. If the fracture is in a large area, the crown may need to be renewed. For this reason, you should take care of your teeth properly and have your teeth checked by the dentist once every 6 months to prevent possible major problems. Also, uncommon allergies can be seen on crowns using metal. When you encounter such a problem, do not hesitate to contact us. As a reliable health provider it is also our responsibility to mention any minor probability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Veneer Crowns Whitened?

Veneer crowns or any other prosthesis can’t be whitened. Beaching gels that are used in the process affect only on your natural teeth. However, they might be removed totally and changed with other colour options according to their scale.

  • Is There Any Pain During The Procedure?

As Andepol clinic with international standards, our priority is to treat our guests coming from abroad in a comfortable environment. Veneer Crowns treatments in our clinic are applied by an expert prosthodontist using the local anesthesia method. Therefore, you will not feel pain during treatment. However, tooth sensitivity can be observed after treatment. You should not break hard objects such as hazelnuts and walnuts with your teeth and brush your teeth two times a day to get rid of this sensitivity. Thus, you will get used to your new teeth in a short time.

  • What is the distinction between crowns and laminated veneers?

The difference between crowns and laminate veneers is only minimum teeth cut needs in laminate veneers application that is front surface. Laminate veneers are applied only to the front part of the tooth and for each tooth one by one. However, the veneer crowns are applied in a way to cover the entire area of the tooth so the related tooth must be minimized. Crowns are highly preferred in prosthesis treatment in this respect. Finally, as crowns cover the tooth completely, it holds more firmly.

At Andepol clinic, we redesign your smile. You can visit our clinic to see our affordable and privileged services closely. Contact right now!