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Dental Extraction

You will feel more self-reliant and free to speak when your perfectly aligned teeth reveal your beautiful smile. extraction, which is sometimes retarded, will clear your path for that attractive look.

Having a decaying tooth with prior canal treatment may cause an unavoidable pain in your mouth. Your child may suffer from crowded teeth on the lower jaw and feel annoyed by that appearance. If these problem can’t be fixed it means that extraction is on the way to be the best solution. Andepol offers smoothly performed diagnosis and extraction procedures for all-age clients.

for International Guests

Either an adult or an infant, problematic tooth of our guests will be easily extracted by Andepol professionals. All your worries about extraction will be released through our personalized planning, precisely working team and high-quality extraction materials. There is no need to bear that dreadful toothache or wait for removal until the impacted tooth decays. Extraction or surgical removal can become a wiser and earlier treatment for decaying or wisdom teeth. Technically, there is no restriction about extractions to be performed on an infant or young jaw unless there is a specific risk prediction. Periodontal specialists and maxillofacial surgeons at Andepol Antalya will handily arrange the extracting treatment either for you or for your children. Every diagnosis will be handled by the negotiations of relevant branches and highly expertised specialists in our clinic. International guests may even fix their extraction appointments during their holidays in Turkey.

Procedures for impacted tooth removal and surgical extraction may have a longer duration of visit to our clinic. In general, however, the removal of problematic or decaying teeth needs just one visit to Andepol in Antalya. Foreign visitors are free of worries about rescheduling their overseas trips or international flights. Our planners always help their guests fix the date and the time of extraction before their departure.

Post-Extraction Recommendations 

After the extraction at Andepol, our guests will safely return to their usual chewing and eating habits. Certainly, it should be remembered that surgical operations on impacted teeth, wisdom teeth or extraction as a pre-treatment for implants may require some extra hygiene rules to preserve mouth health. Some clients may also need antibiotic medication and painkiller use to prevent allergic reactions and post-surgery complications.

Encountering problems like gingival recession or orthodontic requirements will also be checked and consulted by Andepol Team. Our specialized dentists will offer our clients some other options before operating their extractions. For further details of your personalized planning, you can directly contact us via any of our communication channels.