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Dental Facelift

Nothing boosts self-confidence like the attractive appearance of a youthful face and now it is possible to achieve that without plastic surgery. Problems like overbites, droopy facial profile, underbites, and overall aging can cause low self-esteem in anyone. Facelift, the recent popular aesthetic dentistry treatment promises younger and more attractive features, a more appealing smile, thus growing confidence. For a top-quality smile makeover, our professional crew at Andepol is ready for our foreign clients’ treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

What is Facelift?

Facelift is a non-surgical method designed to restore clients’ jaw and teeth. It addresses problems like overbite, underbite, and bad bites much more quickly and safely. This treatment is all about finding the most comfortable position for the jaw and restoring it. Although facelift is usually preferred for aesthetic purposes, comfort is a big part of it, too.

As a supportive for the treatment, layers of porcelain may be implemented over our guests’ teeth to build a new form of bite and jaw position. It is not a surgery, Facelift is also not invasive, no teeth cutting is necessary.

Who Can Have a Facelift?

Only a tiny percentage of the population has a perfect jaw position so almost anyone is suitable for this cosmetic dentistry treatment. If you have an underbite problem, it is more possible to have a prematurely aging face without undergoing surgery. A Facelift is perfect for anyone who wants to have a younger appearance and to be more confident. This treatment improves the features even more with the help of botox treatment and dermal fillers.

You might need several appointments for the desired look with your facelift treatment, so why not turn your treatment into a vacation at the same time in sunny Antalya? Call Andepol and we plan both treatment and vacation for you.